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Solar Roof Panels

The process of installation of solar roof panels normally relies on the use of some form of mounting systems that keeps the photo-voltaic devices in its place. A solar roof technology that delivers us with alternative energy made from an ordinary number of solar roof panels is the right alternate when it comes to economizing money and producing heat and electrical energy in a very clean and environment-friendly way. Solar roof panels can also be added to the house construction after the building of the house, yet, the present-day inclination is to integrate the system in the roof during the very construction process so to ascertain a longer lasting structure of the solar panel.

The positioning angle of the solar roof panels is ordinarily a standard one, but the main subject here is the way to make the panels stay open to the sun for a longer period of time. Most experts in the field claim that the south orientated solar roof panels acquire more sun exposure, and if you purchase some west or east orientated ones, in this case a higher number of panels will be needed. Nevertheless, not all roofs allow south orientation, and the architecture of the house as such does have a good word to say in the matter.

Usually most solar roof panels will be positioned at a distance of three or four inches from the roof, they are lightweight so that you should not concern about the pressure level they will add to the house structure. They attachment is safe and durable, and the matching with the house architecture and design is out of the question. Once the building and installation of the solar roof panels is complete, you can savor in the comfortableness of your home without any upkeep costs whatsoever.

Most homeowners from around the world favor such products due to their wide longevity and high economy potential.

Before we engage in decision on what type of solar roof panels to install, it is advisable to make a simple inquiry to learn what options you truly have. You do not have to buy the most expensive solar system, but an intermediate one should be enough for any regular household. When it comes to the governmental policy particular to your country it could also work for your advantage in terms of tax returns, but the best way to make a determination is to get all the information you can. All in all, solar roof panels should be paid from the heat and energy savings over a period of three to five years, and then you can think that all your home utilities function for free which is a great feeling to know.

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Please watch this video so you don’t make the same costly mistakes in building your DIY solar panel system as I did. Hopefully this information will save you…


  1. Charles Sims says:

    harbor freight sucks! its all generic crap! 

  2. Commercial Solar Panels are Expensive
    If you want to power your house cheaply
    Simply Go to Google and Search for:
    *Top DIY Solar Panels Research*
    Choose the First Result.
    It has the plans and explanation there.

  3. Grace Alexander says:

    Great over the shoulder experience of one persons effort of DIY Solar – Not
    to discourage anyone from trying but to use this as a Learning example of
    the importance of doing your home work. Check out Blogs and others
    experiences and remember the simple things like 1. Your expected setups
    output v’s your consumption 2. The components you purchase, their
    integrity, reliability performance not just the cost and the effect they
    impose throughout your system. Don’t give up, just take your time and jot
    your steps. And always… Good Luck.!

  4. FuddyDuddy99 says:

    What kind of batteries did you use ? 6 volt or 12 volt Deep Cycle ? what
    name brand and why ? What kind of inverter and what kind of Solar panels??

  5. Russell Stallard says:

    Can you use thr solar all the time to save money on electric

  6. preppersintent says:

    good info here…so much myth and hype in the solar world…seems to be
    driven by sales pitch and taking advantage of peeps ignorance…Ive seen it
    countless times, peeps taking the word of the sales pitch over the word of
    REAL WORLD experience……two totally different worlds..and a hard lesson
    to swallow…

  7. DreamAndDayUnite1 says:

    I would never by from Harbor Freight. EVER!

  8. RM Hutchins says:

    Thank you very much. Very informative, and very helpful.

  9. Dave Bainard says:

    Last purchase of panels cost me $240/panel for 14 300 watt panels including
    brokerage and delivery.

  10. Glenn Hough says:

    thank you for sharing this, I’ve been planning on buying one but I always
    think its cost high…

  11. Bozonez3m says:

    That’s not right. I don’t know where you came up with your math. You halve
    your amp hours going from 6v to 12 v. So to 6v batteries = 450 amp hrs /2 +
    225 amp hrs. You are calculating watts V x Amps = watts. The advantage of
    6v batteries over 12 volt batteries are the cycles 6 volt batteries have 64
    lbs of lead and are made to be drawn down to nothing and recharged. 12 v
    batteries start losing life after a 50% draw down. And if you buy the best
    (rolls/surette) they have 3000 life cycles.

  12. joseph jones says:

    Sucks to have those hard lessons. Good info to be pro active on avoiding

  13. John Craft says:

    Cool vid! Also found great solar DIY plans at 99FreeEnergyDevices

  14. Stephen Johnson says:

    stevebrannon69 can you tell us how you delt with instalation and electrical
    permits etc? for this grid tied system? BTW i just put in a similar 4kW
    system (Helios panels and Enphase inverters) but it was a lot more
    expensive than yours. Steve

  15. Thanks for the tips on backwoodsolar. I was able to buy 6 Harbor Freight
    kits for $135 each. My first experience with solar and I mounted them on a
    trailer I can move around on my farm. My panels articulate and I can
    position them at the best angle to the sun. Still learning. And I need some
    kind of a controller. I have the largest converter that HB makes, works
    good so far.

  16. Thanks man for kindness God bless you.

  17. Can’t find it. Google just shows me all the places you’ve put this stupid
    message. Put the watch code in please.

  18. preppersintent says:

    Home made pannels never…hear me, NEVER! stand the test of time ..with the
    cheap… hear me, CHEAP! cost (sometimes less than 1 dollar a watt)for
    commercial pannels and a service life of 20 years or more….can we say
    that home made pannels are only good for hobby and toy….

  19. Will Datsun says:

    Series increases voltage but current (and ah) stays same but of course the
    wattage is greater. (volts x amps) . Parallel increases amps (and ah) but
    voltage stays same, watts of course increase. higher voltage better for
    minimising losses due to heat.

  20. Bradley Kempton says:

    do not buy solar panels prior to seeing this educating video. google “Mike
    Lewis diy solar” and see for yourself

  21. rhrrngtn55 says:

    You are a good man for explaining what not to do! Thank you.

  22. solar0070 says:

    Good Video. Thanks for the information!!

  23. Antonio Guamil says:

    I think the difference between cheap that doesn’t work and one more
    expensive that does work makes a big difference to me.

  24. Thanks, really thanks for sharing.

  25. Thank you for that informative video. I recently bought a very small
    charger (with a Lithium Ion battery and led lights) from Harborfreight that
    was suppose to charge my cell phone but there was no instructions and I had
    to use an adapter to charge it threw my grid which took around nine hours.
    It charged only the battery because of the circuit so the unit charges the
    phone threw the other mini usb port. I am considering opening up the other
    solar charger and just putting them both together.

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