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Solar Power in Florida

Solar Power in Florida

One thing we all know Florida has plenty of is sun. People come from all over the country, even all over the world, to lie on our beaches, play in our parks and enjoy the sun’s warmth and light. With all this natural Florida sun power, residents must take advantage of their natural resources and harvest them as a free, powerful energy source!

Solar energy is abundant and powerful, and it can be used to heat spaces, provide electricity, and more, which can save our environment from a severe energy and resource crisis. Dependency on the sun, rather than on expensive and imported fossil fuel resources that are running low, will ensure a more stable future for our environment and our economy.

Solar power can be harnessed both actively and passively. An active solar technique would be using photovoltaic panels that absorb sunlight and convert it into energy through a solar thermal collector. A passive technique is constructing and orienting a building so that it absorbs maximum sunlight, and then utilizing particular materials that disperse light and heat through well-circulated areas.

Don’t be intimidated by these types of Florida sun power. The technology is advanced, but the source is abundant and can be applied to anyone’s situation on any scale. You can buy a solar-powered phone charger to keep on a sunny windowsill, or you can install rooftop solar panels to power your entire home.

Whatever your interest, there is a way for you to harvest Florida sun power and make a positive environmental impact.

For either smaller scale or larger scale projects, you can find a number of great Florida sun power products by working with companies like Clean Green Energy. These companies provide a number of products and services related to solar energy, helping you on your way to harvesting this energy source with ease.

A number of web resources can help you harvest Florida sun power with various technologies, including a solar calculator. This tool will help you decide how large of a solar panel or how many panels you need to power whatever size home or business you have. You should also be sure to check out the wide range of tax credits and other incentives you can receive from the government as a result of installing solar panels.

Without a doubt, utilizing Florida sun power is one of the best ways to save costs on energy and live much more sustainably.

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