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Solar power Hawaii

Unconsciously, wherever the word “Hawaii” comes into usage, our mind thinks of sun, sand and fun. This mentality will finally change now in America’s 51st state, due to the innovation. Solar power Hawaii is going to be a tag that people are going to have to get used to. This is thanks to recent moves being made by players in the solar industry. To support the statement, the Hawaii’s utilities commission is to purchase solar energy from one such dealer of solar energy – Sun Power Electrical –late last year.

The question which needs to be discussed is: Is a concept like solar power Hawaii viable? Here goes.

Foremost one ought to remember that this is a renewable form of energy. One can say that as long as the source of energy, i.e. Sun exists, energy can be tapped. This factor favors the growth of the concept.

Another thing that will make this project attainable is the cost factor. The cost of tapping energy from this source is relatively cheaper as compared to other sources like geo thermal energy or hydroelectric power I The expenses of generating energy from this source are very less as compared to what are incurred to produce energy from other sources like Geo thermal energy and hydroelectric power. There is a simple requirement of a solar panel, a backup battery, a wiring system and a good amount of sunshine to get the power tapped from this source. 

The third advantage that comes with the use of this source of energy is the fact that innovations galore straddle this industry. Also for instance, the solar panels of today differ greatly as compared to those of past.

The latest technology panels have mirrors that reflect sunlight on the top of the panel for maximum absorption, the light filters to choose various wavelengths of light and the oscillation panels for maximum absorption. This is the magic that is currently being played out in the solar industry.

There are one or two things that can hamper the growth of this technology. One of the chief reasons for this impairment can be the issue of awareness of this technology. The fewer acceptances of people to a new technology can also weaken the uptake of this technology the concept however does not get closed due to this. In order to motivate people for large scale usage of solar power in industries and households, the state is offering tax deductions and subsidies on this. In the same way, the world is gradually rising to the truth of renewable energy and these two factors are supposed to work in favor of the technology.

After all is said and done a concept such as solar power Hawaii is doable, (forgive the colloquialism) . The actions of Hawaii like partnerships between the Utilities company and the independent players, the opening of solar farms and the up rise in the distribution of solar energy make us believe that this is a practical concept and can be achieved .

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In this video I talk about sizing your solar power system and in particular taking losses into account. More details and information on my forum here:http://…

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  1. Vladimir Svirid says:

    Male ,Ukraine
    look your chanel about 7 month .

  2. shy zullo says:

    you know what I mean ( i cried ) its crazy their all crazy I can’t
    explain…true here what your saying–the systems are not that great-so you
    do have minor losses of accumulating power –it disperses in different
    conditions* that being key…because of the type of panels the many ways it
    can be connected as well as home or business does the installation—true
    different materials last longer accumulate more say in different
    lighting–rain-snow-weather then —–the protection of the panels–right
    now it seems like –not a good thing exactly like the hybirds…..they are
    like wind power….thank you its true all of these things contribute to a
    lot of cost-installation-depreciation of products-plus weather
    condition–its enough to drive you crazy–just explaining it ….thank you

  3. sang3Eta says:

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  4. Robert Bee says:

    I’m new at this idea and want to learn more. Thanks and will watch your
    videos to learn. Your easy to listen to.

  5. Mario Lyuma says:

    You are explaining very well. I have understood you more than the past

  6. Kevin Olesik says:

    I am new to this stuff , and there’s a lot to learn … but this is good

  7. Eladio Perez says:

    Great explanations. I now have a better idea of solar energy. Thank you!

  8. Ion Comendant says:

    Hello MjLorton.
    I am facing a problem. My array size is 29kW and my grid tie size is
    37kW(array size +30%). I cant find a suitable grid tie converter for this
    size and i am wodering can i use multiple grid tie converters attaches to
    the same solar panel system. For example 4 grid tied connectors with a
    rating of 11,500 W tied together.

    Thank you

  9. Philip Henry says:

    I wqould like to find your first 2 videos

  10. Alister Cook says:

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  11. Terra Engineering says:

    I have really enjoyed this series on Solar Power. You have a GREAT youtube
    channel. Subscribed!

  12. shy zullo says:

    true sometimes I swear its simple and difficult to explain…true the
    systems will be better when we spend some more time..then the price goes
    up…until the new becomes the old then you can afford it…the batteries
    are problems–true and a few more…thank you for explaining because The
    same thing happens to me…

  13. Chris Parker says:

    So what output do you get on a dull overcast day mate,Let me answer that
    one from personal experience =10%.
    here in south wales in November 80% of days are dull and overcast

  14. Varghese David says:

    Itz highly informative and helpful for newcomers in the industry!!!

  15. Keith Tucci says:

    im trying to figure what my fridge uses. I looked up the info online and
    all I could find was that it runs at 438 kwh/year. How do I go about the
    math to figure daily use?

  16. Jon McKee Queen says:

    Discover how to size your solar power system:

  17. Andrew Thomason says:

    Sun Cash 3

  18. Martin Lorton says:
  19. Chris Parker says:

    Btw i forgot to mention my panels are grid tied to the mains

  20. Catharina Van Es says:

    Where can we find video #4 in the solar home series?

  21. Renate Herbert says:

    great series on solar. In 2014 , in South Africa, let Eskom be your
    battery. If you have an old spinning disk kWH meter , then you can feed
    back into the grid , when you have more power than you need and use your
    utility at night when you need power.
    Just one question , why do display 15 Multimetes behind you ? One is

  22. joffre00 says:

    Thank you for your excellent explanation and how to calculate the needed
    array. Thank you again.

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  24. marketbizd says:

    Great video, i’m going off the grid with our help and the hydro-sonic water
    heater found here:

  25. Paul Barlow says:

    This is a great video, I have just set up / setting up a small grid tie
    setup @ 600w and a separate 800AH battery bank and MTTP controller. The
    info you have given here has made things much easier to understand. Thanks
    for the video. Paul.

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