Friday, August 18, 2017

Solar power Hawaii

The first thing that we think when we talk about “Hawaii” is the sun and then sand and the fun over the place. This mentality will finally change now in America’s 51st state, due to the innovation. The tag of solar power Hawaii will be used by common man in the coming years. The credits for this go to the recent innovations being made by the researchers in the field of solar technology. In the last quarter of this year, Hawaii’s utilities Commission will purchase solar energy from one such player of solar power- Sun Power electrical.

A person needs to emphasize on the question: whether the concept of solar power Hawaii is feasible or not? Let’s discuss.

The prior most things to remember is that it is a renewable source of energy. One can say that as long as the source of energy, i.e. Sun exists, energy can be tapped. This factor favors’ the growth of the concept.

The second issue that would make a concept such as Solar power Hawaii a viable concept is the cost factor. The cost of tapping energy from this source is relatively cheaper as compared to other sources like geo thermal energy or hydroelectric power I The expenses of generating energy from this source are very less as compared to what are incurred to produce energy from other sources like Geo thermal energy and hydroelectric power. There is a simple requirement of a solar panel, a backup battery, a wiring system and a good amount of sunshine to get the power tapped from this source. 

The third advantage that comes with the use of this source of energy is the fact that innovations galore straddle this industry.

For instance, there is a world of difference between the solar panels of today and those of yore. The panels of today have mirrors which reflect on the top of the panel so that maximum sunshine can be absorbed, the light filters are there are to select different wave lengths of light and also the oscillating panel s to absorb the sun rays to the maximum extent . This is really a miraculous action being performed in the solar industry these days.

There are one or two things that can hamper the growth of this technology. The chief reason that comes to mind is the issue of familiarity. Common man does not want to accept the change so easily, which can lead to damage the growth of this technology this does not spell the death knelt for the idea behind solar power Hawaii, anyway. In order to motivate people for large scale usage of solar power in industries and households, the state is offering tax deductions and subsidies on this. The people in the world are gradually the accepting the reality of renewable resources and are agreeing to it, also the two factors are believed to be working in the favor of the technology in future.

After all such discussions and verifications, it can be believed that a concept like this can be successful. The actions of Hawaii like partnerships between the Utilities company and the independent players, the opening of solar farms and the up rise in the distribution of solar energy make us believe that this is a practical concept and can be achieved .

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