Friday, August 18, 2017

Save Money with Homemade Wind Power Now!

Energy is scarce, and as the supply of fossil fuels and coal goes down, the prices go up. If you’re one of the many people who struggle with their pricey energy bills, homemade wind power might be something to consider. When installed properly, a windmill can cut your electric bills significantly. The best part is that these do-it-yourself wind power kits are not at all hard to assemble, and you don’t need to shell out that much money to build them. Under a hundred dollars, you can save energy and go green.

You need basic tools to create your homemade wind power. Generally, if the generator is bigger, it is more difficult to build. However, you won’t have much difficulty building homemade wind power that can generate at least a thousand watts. It is highly suggested that you start off with a smaller project, to test the waters a bit. This gives you some practice when it comes to the construction of the technical parts including the windmill and wind generator.

Wind turbines are usually used to convert kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy. In itself, mechanical energy is not useful to any household using regular furniture. To properly utilize the energy produced, you will need a converter that will turn the mechanical energy into AC voltage. The only problem is that wind tends to be erratic, meaning you won’t get a steady flow of energy throughout the day. To solve this issue, your homemade wind power system should also have some batteries to store the energy that your windmill will create.

If you are having a hard time installing this home wind power then asking for a professional assistance and advice is something that you can do.

There is a lot of research out there on the Internet. It’s a good resource to get information and there are also a lot of how to’s and tips available on every search engine if you look for “homemade wind power”. To get started, just take a little time and do some research online today.


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Catching the power of the wind its free.


  1. seoulkidd1 says:

    I was thinking of making a turbine like this but putting motors on the top
    and bottom getting twice the power

  2. HostileRick1 says:


  3. Ken?

  4. Annon Ommus says:

    Would have been a lot more helpful if you had actually said something.

  5. hayden nickell says:

    What kind of motor would you need to be able to trickle charge a 12v car
    battery? is the out put based solely on the wind, or does the size/type of
    motor play a roll?

  6. TacticalError84 says:

    Lose the lame music and actually discuss your design and output instead of
    having people scroll through endless comments or asking the same question
    over and over. Decent design though.

  7. Efren Estorba, Jr. says:


  8. Ruben E. Ordoñez R. says:

    I think that is a project to embrace, maybe a little higher will turn
    faster, congratulations.

  9. Rockinghorseshart says:

    Hi Batfink, nice turbine- I intend to build something similar (only
    horizontal axis, fewer blades). Would like to ask a couple of technical
    questions- 1) why did you choose to have so many blades? 2) how do you (or
    do you?) brake this VAWT in strong winds? Is it still in use? BW, RHS

  10. How much electricity we can produce by this wind turbine? can you please
    describe the specification of this wind turbine, Lots of thanks in advance.

  11. FaithfullFuture says:

    How you build this, with washmashinemotor…. Genial never you must buy
    engergy from Industrie… best regard fff

  12. Based on the music in the video I thought we were going to see something
    quite a bit more powerful… But nice turbine.

  13. DJ Joyride (US) says:

    Do you have plans for this one?

  14. vodafoneoff says:

    ___ w w w diymagneticmotor com has interesting PLANS~

  15. onceANexile says:

    No- we can only use coal; crude, and…and,….expensive 120 volt
    currents….(I knew there was another ‘c’ in there, somewhere…

  16. agmilmoe says:

    Seems silly to use a power inverter for LEDs and an XBox! You are
    converting DC to AC back to DC… with lots of loss and heat produced in
    each transition. Keep it DC and just bump the voltage up or down for the
    device you are running.

  17. rdaugherty52 says:

    Couldn’t you have made the video when there was at least some wind blowing.

  18. Stan Vincent says:

    I tinker with wind power, it keeps the light going in my outhouse. I’m glad
    to see that there are some humans out there that that try, no matter the
    outcome, to make our planet a better place to live. Remember… those that
    don’t make mistakes don’t do anything.

  19. notorious says:

    After building this you deserve to play Xbox on yore tv 24/7 Great work!

  20. Paulo Henrique Possatto Filomeno says:

    Do you use bike wheels?

  21. Davekyguy132 says:

    Cool, charge those batteries for a month with that occasional breeze and
    you can have light for 5 minutes. Wind power is a joke. Google this, then
    click on the UK daily news article. wind-power-industry-greatest-scam-age

  22. Unguidedone says:

    tactial mute

  23. Paul Strohmeier says:

    quite off topic … but i really like the song, and never figure out what
    it was called, or who its by… ? and yes. cool project :-)

  24. Accumulator1 says:

    Too small and needs more blades unless you have a 40mph + wind blowing most
    of time. I prefer LED lighting also as the most efficient for the cause.

  25. Zardoz5280 says:

    @mickstacklehythe If he is not drawing a lot of current it won’t matter. He
    may just want ac long operating time and is content with a slow change, as
    that turbine would only produce.

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