Friday, August 18, 2017

Homemade Wind Power – Understanding the Basics

If you want to save on electricity cost, then homemade wind power is for you. Nature can provide energy and the only thing you need is the right materials to tap it. You do not have to spend so much on electricity bills since there are a lot of wind turbines for sale that you can easily set up at home. However, how do you define small scale wind power that is apt for your home? Can you manage the upkeep? perhaps it is better to understand the concepts first before you get started.

Homemade wind power belongs to small scale wind power, which means this is not made of large wind turbines as you see on television when they show wind power farms. Most of these wind turbines made for domestic use can charge 12 volt batteries for appliances that run on 12 volts. The maximum capacity of these wind turbines in terms of producing energy is up to 501 kilo watts. In many isolated communities that use diesel for power, they use wind power to substitute for diesel. Perhaps the main challenge is how windy it is in your place. Wind turbines cannot generate electricity if there is no strong wind.

In a larger scale, homemade wind power is not at all affecting the environment. According to studies, the power that is available in the atmosphere is five times greater than what the world is currently consuming. Near the shores, the potential to harness energy through wind power can reach up to 54,000 million tons of oil equivalent. However, you have to keep in mind that the strength of wind varies from one place to another so homemade wind power will greatly depend on your area. This means that the same turbine may produce less power from one place to another or produce more.

According to scientists, short bursts of energy are a lot more effective than regular wind speed. Therefore, being near the shore is better than being in the metropolis where the wind is blocked by buildings and other skyscrapers.

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