Friday, August 18, 2017

Homemade Solar Panel

The present economic situation and also the ever-shrinking state of the international oil reserves isn’t best information for all of us. But on a constructive note it makes us investigate for alternative energy sources which is grow to be the option of cutting down existing along with the following energy consumption, particularly in terms of fossil fuel usage like oil. For example, it has grow to be progressively economical to build home made solar energy system. Creating the home made sun panels that utilize deep cell storage batteries provide the electricity upon consumer need and cut the their individual dependence on the countrys electricity grid.

Who is there on this planet who won’t wish to get the energy expenses get diminished by 80% or a lot more? Several of us shall desire to take profit of such a great deal. If such is the demand then follow the guide Earth4Energy that presents great deal of excellent home made solar solutions on their site, which may be produced easily, for the low cost of less than $ 200.

The Elements of the guide are -

Full and comprehensive directions provided which may be easily understood by a layman or even the unskilled for creating a home made solar panel.

Other info on how to collect the materials obtainable in the nearby material store for getting ready the home made photo voltaic system.

Couple of Tips on how to create the alternative energy generators that is not readily accessible anywhere else.

One time investment – and life long updates to the manual and movie series, at no extra expense.

Full money back in case you are not saving hundreds of dollars for each calendar month on your energy bill after employing the device for eight months.

Detailed instructions explained by videos

Think of it! Right here you happen to be having a home made pv system, generating power which might be stored in deep cell batteries for upcoming consumption. And all of this expenses just pennies on the dollar! At, you’ll have subscribe to the home made sun DIY kit after which it begin to deal with of making the electricity generating kit at your home. The DIY instructional guide and movies are simple to understand so that even a beginner will probably be able to understand.

They have a history of excited clients mentioning good stories around the many dollars saving quotes. Most of them that have created the devices cannot consider how easy it was. In addition, these testimonials or feedbacks express that they have really gained and additionally saved 100% of their electric bill and that they might use the additional money to pay gasoline to their auto!

Make electrical power in your own home with sun and wind power to get rid of your electricity bill. Get our full guide at Earth4Energy from Alternative Energies: Solar and Wind Energy.

In this video I’m showing you how I built some solar panels from start to finish I tried to make it as detailed as possible. These panels cost me very little…

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  1. Justmyside says:

    U should add in a blocking diode between panel & battery & a blocking diode
    in between each panel to prevent leakage from one panel to next in case one
    is more efficient then another.
    Which there will be, especially if one panel is partially shaded in your
    This eliminates any possibility of back flow of current by only allowing
    current to flow one way >> to your battery bank

  2. joshstube says:

    @ 2:20 “Glass is a ‘heat sync’ ”
    You should probably just stick with the fact that glass is flat.
    Glass is one of the BEST insulators around. (non-conductive)

  3. Maté Bodnar says:

    I’m making some solar panels right now using glass (same as you are). I
    made a little dummy panel out of some glass I found in the garbage. I glued
    them together same way you did. I left it out all day and all night, and
    the next day both sides had cracked all the way, on multiple places. So now
    I’m nervous using glass. Any idea what I might have done wrong? Could it be
    just the type of glass? If you guys could help me out, I’d really
    appreciate it!

  4. Jobe Jahova says:

    I really like the way you made these. Have you ever used Lexan
    (polycarbonate) for the front cover? I would use the glass at back, then
    put some hardyboard behind that, plus use 1/4″ Lexan at the front. Would
    be more impact resistant, but the glass inside would keep it rigid for the

    I work with polycarbonate a lot for projects and it can do amazing things.

  5. jeremias mernilo says:

    Im on the process of building solar panel,, and this is very helpful for us
    who is new in this field thanks a lot sir!!!!

  6. 574fedsup says:

    Hey I noticed that you only have 12 cells and that configuration is
    Not good for charging 12v batteries you will only be producing around 6v
    and you need at least 18v so you should have cut them to 2in that way you
    can fit 36 cells and only then you can get around 18v, if you noticed every
    solar panel made professionally are made no less then 36 cells unless you
    are more worried about the amperage and not the voltage!

  7. Chuck Balogh says:

    What was the total cost of the project and where did you get your cells?
    Also, is it more cost effective to make your own. It’s a neat project
    but would it be less expensive to buy the already made panels and
    configure them for the application. I have a friend who uses solar to
    charge his RV batteries and he loves it. 

  8. Donald Laisure says:

    Scott have found panels better they other and do u get your e-bay

  9. Thank you for taking the time to share your work. It is refreshing to see
    that you are experimenting with different materials and assembly methods.
    Did you know that the adhesive used to bond automotive windshields into
    the frame is a Polyurethane? Polyurethane adhesive it is wonderful
    solution for bonding may different substrates, resistant to solar
    radiation, low emission, moisture curing and a cool shade of jet black. 

  10. kenny ledbetter says:

    Whats the output of one of the panels?

  11. Lindsay Fog says:

    why the fuck do you americans say sodder when everyone else in the whole
    world pronounces it the way it is spelt {the correct way }? I feel like I
    need to bang my head against the wall every time someone says sarder,with
    my sardering iron and my sardering pliers, and so on and on ,you sound like
    a retard. no offense but.

  12. drummerben04 says:

    Really boosted my confidence in making one.

  13. Eve Hallows says:

    You sound like Cas from Supernatural

  14. chris studleyay says:

    2 huge problems here. You basically built a solar cooker for your solar
    array. Two pieces of glass? C’mon now, you should know better than that.
    The internal temperatures will rise close to 200ºF making your output power
    minimal. Second, you didn’t encapsulate your cells. You must keep oxygen
    from the solar cells so they will last you over 20 yrs. Encapsulating the
    cells keeps them cooler and producing more power.

  15. 15 sell x 0,5v = aprox 7v 7A ???
    For what??? 

  16. Allan Hong says:

    7.5 volt panel ?

  17. Commercial Solar Panels are too Expensive !!
    If you want a Good solution to Power your Home,
    You have to Learn to Build your Own Solar Panels
    Go to Google and Search for:
    *Top DIY Solar Panels Research*
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  18. dumptonpark says:

    I am going to build one of these so I can have some light in my garden
    sheds. Thanks for sharing. I have only 1 question what is the wattage of
    your solder iron.

  19. bucketrobbert says:

    to turn your cells use to peaces of glass 1 under 1 on to and just flip 

  20. Thien-Kim Nguyen says:

    thanks for the clip. how come only 3 colums of cells remaining before you
    cover the second glass? there was 4 colums of cells from the begining of
    your instruction.

  21. great tutorial. thank you for all the info and the different angles you
    showed us.

  22. yazeed sartawi says:

    Great job … Needs some extra modification to be able to run Bitcoin
    mining rig …

  23. David Craig says:

    Great job…Thankyou…

  24. ahmed Al houti says:

    I saw the solar panels cost 350$ its really cosy if you want to start make
    system !!

  25. This is really cool thanks for posting it.

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